Monthly Archive:: July 2015

Does the Remix Mini Finally Get the Android Mini PC Concept Right?

Android mini PCs have been around a long time. In fact that is how came into existence, covering the world of tiny sized computing devices powered by the Android OS. Now, there is a new product being launched on Kickstarter called the Remix Mini which claims to be the first true Android powered mini […]

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Eny Technology Releases EM95 Android Set Top Box

The Eny Technology M8 is one of the more popular set top boxes on Androydz. Fans of the M8 might be interested to find out that the follow-up to the M8, known as the EM95 is now available for sale. In fact, there are not one, but two models of the EM95, one is named […]

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Nvidia Muscles into your Living Room with their Android TV box, the Shield

You can get one for $200 (or $300, if you want more storage). Source: Nvidia’s Apple TV-like Android TV box, the Shield, is out now Everyone wants a space in your living room and that tiny living room of yours is getting a little more crowded as Nvidia has just laid their stake on it […]

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