iMito QX1iMito has released an Android 4.2 Firmware for QX1, the quad-core Rockchip RK3188 based Android Mini PC. At the same time, the firmware also fixes a few bugs with the original Android 4.1 firmware. For example, you can now connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the iMito QX1. This new firmware plus all the tools required for you to do the update can be downloaded from Geekbuying’s blog page.

Please note that this official firmware is not rooted but you can root the QX1 after you install the update. Instructions on how to root the iMito QX1 can be found here.

Besides the Android 4.2 firmware for QX1, Geekbuying has also released a ROM that supports true 1080p resolution on the iMito QX1. This custom ROM is built based on the official Android 4.2 firmware. Other than the change in resolution, this ROM is the same as the official ROM. The 1080p ROM for the QX1 can also be downloaded from Geekbuying’s blog page.