Geak WatchThere have been many announcements on smart watches. Crowd sourcing sites are filled with numerous smart watch projects. Perhaps there is anticipation that the next big smart device will be the smart watch.  In fact, for many months, Apple has been rumored to be announcing their own smart watch. We all know it wouldn’t be long before the China manufacturers start coming out with their own smart watch designs as well. China based Geak has just announced a couple of wearable smart devices. The first is a smart ring known as the Geak Ring and the other is the Geak Watch that runs on the Android OS.

Unlike many of the recent smart watches like the popular Pebble smart watch, the Geak Watch does not just act as a notification device and simple controller for your smart phone. The Geak Watch itself is an Android 4.1 (Jelly bean) device and comes packed with many features that you normally find on the smart phone. It comes with WiFi 802.11 a/b/n on top of both Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Amazingly, it even has GPS and a built in FM radio receiver.

The display is a multi-touch 1.5 inch at 240 x 240 resolution. The Geak Watch has 512 MB of RAM plus 4 GB of storage ROM. It comes with  plethora of sensors such as accelerometer, g-sensor and temperature sensor to measure activity and health indicators such as number of steps, heartbeat, blood pressure and pulse. Similar to fitness trackers like the Nike Fuel Band and the Jawbone Up, the Geak Watch will be able to keep track and record your daily activity plus monitor your sleep pattern.

The Geak Watch will have support for multiple watch faces. It can also be used as a remote control for taking pictures with your phone camera.

The number of features and hardware that is packed into the Geak Watch is mind boggling. However, price wise, the indicated price is given as RMB 1999 which is roughly $325. This makes the Geak Watch significantly more expensive than the smart watches that have been released to date. You are getting much more than a simple notification device for your phone but many of the functions will be a duplication of what you already have on your phone. Also, with so many hardware features, I am wondering how the battery life will be affected.

(Update 20 June 2013)

I came across another article on the Geak Watch that provides a little more information about the features and hardware. You will not be able to make an actual phone call through the watch itself although you can reject a call with the watch. Current Android apps will not run on the Geak Watch as they are not designed for the 1.55 inch screen. However, third-party developers are welcome to develop custom apps for the watch. It also seems like the watch will come with a built-in camera although there is no mention on the camera’s specification

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Geak Watch