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Android vs. iOS Game Myths

Gregg Tavares has written an extensive summary of Chris Pruett’s talk, “Fact and Fiction: Lessons From Wind-Up Knight and Rise Of The Blobs”. Chris started Robot Invader to make mobile games, and in the process of making their last two titles they amassed a wealth of experience and data which challenges many of the myths […]

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Recon Jet

Recon Instruments first brought us the Mod Live wearable computer for snow sport lovers. For the gadget freaks who must have every Android based device under the sun, they bring us the Recon Jet, a wearable computer in the shape of a pair of sports sunglasses. Recon currently has a special price of $499 for […]

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Pebble Watch First Impressions

I signed up for the Pebble Watch Kickstarter in April 2012 and the product was scheduled for delivery in September 2012. Due to unforeseen manufacturing problems, the final product didn’t make it into the hands of the initial backers until January 2013.  I got mine in April 2013 and I have been using mine for […]

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