Rii i8 Mini Wireless KeyboardIf you are using your Android Mini PC with your TV, you probably need a mini wireless keyboard. A mini wireless keyboard takes up less space and does not leave wires all over your living room.

There are tons of options when it comes to mini wireless keyboards. Most Android Mini PCs do not have Bluetooth support but RF keyboards work great. For mouse control, you can either opt for an air or fly mouse type of control or a touch pad.

Gyro based air mouse control is great for moving the cursor quickly around the screen but it lacks precision compared to a touch pad. Touch pad gives better control but because the touch pads on mini keyboards are usually quite small, it makes it more difficult to move the cursor quickly across the screen.

If you are using your Android Mini PC as a home theater PC, you might want to a keyboard with backlighting.

Whatever your preference, I am sure you can find something that meets all your needs on this best mini wireless keyboard for Android Mini PC guide.

Via Squidoo