Canary security systemHow many of us have home security systems at home? For those that do, how many make sure that the security system is turned on at night and whenever we leave the home? Current security systems are archaic, expensive and way too complicated to setup and installed by most people. The Canary smart security system is to security system as the Nest is to smart thermostats.

Like the Nest, the Canary has a zen-like simplicity design that encompasses both how it looks, operates and works. The other similarity with the Nest is that the Canary is intelligent and learns about the environment and the occupants’ habits over time to work more efficiently.

Traditional security system comes with all kinds of sensors and a central control system that more often than not, require a professional installer. Installing and setting up the Canary couldn’t be simpler. Instead of having separate sensors that need to be installed and connected using wires or wirelessly to a central controller, everything is housed within the Canary unit itself.

Canary security system

The Canary comes equipped with a HD camera with night vision that has a wide angle lens. The HD camera provides high quality images. Night vision allows it to see in the dark and wide angle means that you can see more of the room. It also has a motion detector, high quality microphone, speaker, siren, 3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and air quality sensor. Last but not least, it is WiFi enabled.

That is a whole lot of features jam packed into a tiny package. As you can see from the range of sensors, the Canary can actually do double duty for video conferencing or as a monitor for the elderly or pets.

Canary security system alert


The best thing about the Canary is how easy it is to set up. Just take it out of the box and plug it in. That’s it. The rest of the setup is done via your phone using the included iOS or Android smart phone app. The simplicity of it also makes the Canary ideal for renters.

Using its wide range of sensors, the Canary will monitor and send alerts to your phone or any other phone that you can link up with the Canary. There is no compulsory service plan but an optional service plan that adds additional features such as storing events over a longer period of time and a call-center backup is available to those who want it.

One of the most annoying problems about traditional security systems is false alarms. It happens so frequently, it is one of the main reasons why people stop using their security systems. The Canary on the other hand will learn and get smarter over time. For example if you have pets at home, the system learns movements that are associate with your pets and ignores them instead of alerting you all the time.

For small apartments, a single Canary is sufficient in the main entrance area. If you have a bigger home, you can connect up to 4 Canary devices together and control all of them via your phone.

Canary security system

The Canary has already raised slightly more than $1 million in about 10 days. It is scheduled to end on August 26. You can pledge $199  for one Canary device in white or you can get a matte black or silver unit for $249. Estimated delivery is in May 2014 for the white unit.

It is high time that home security systems caught up with the rest of technology and I am actually surprised that it has taken this long.

Via Indiegogo