Top China TabletsYou may have noticed that there have not been any updates to for a week now. I sincerely apologize for this but there is a reason for this. I have been busy preparing for the launch of my latest site –

Today, I am glad to announce that after days of blood, sweat and tears, the site is now ready for launch. Some of you may have gotten a sneak peek of it as I dropped a link to it on a comment post here. The top reason that I decided to come up with this site was that I had difficulty finding a site that had comprehensive information on China tablets.

Information provided by the retailers are confusing and sometimes downright wrong. Retailers usually stuff all the keywords into their listings in order to make a sale. Going to the manufacturer’s site is not much better and some don’t even have English versions of their pages.

I designed Top China Tablets to be a comprehensive guide to buying a China branded Android tablet. It is not an easy task wading through all the confusing information and distilling them down to a simple table that hopefully everyone can understand and to rely on to make a buying decision. For further help, the site also has detailed reviews on the tablets. For now, there is only a handful of reviews but I hope to add more in due time.

The China tablet comparison matrix is also quite sparse at the moment but the models on the list have been hand-picked personally as among the best or most popular currently. There is a good mix of high-end and budget units with sizes ranging from 7″ to 10″.

If you are wondering if a China tablet fits your needs and budget, drop by and find out. Even if you are not looking to buy one, I appreciate that you can drop for a visit and provide me with some feedback regarding the site. Thanks for the support.