ExoMount TouchThe ExoGear ExoMount Touch is the 3rd ExoMount universal dashboard mount that I am reviewing. The first was the truly excellent original ExoMount. This was followed by the updated ExoMount 2. The best thing about the ExoGear ExoMount range of of suction cup mounts is no doubt the suction cup technology itself. What prompted me to write the original review was the fact that the suction cup still worked just like brand new after 18 months which was how long I had the original ExoMount when I wrote the review. None of the previous dashboard mounts that I used in the past lasted beyond 12 months.

I am happy to report that after 4 years, my original ExoMount is still working just like new. The suction cup is just amazing. All I have to do is to give it a quick rinse in running water every few months. I live in a tropical country and for the past few years, my original ExoMount has been exposed to soaring temperatures as my car is parked under the hot sun almost every single day. Needless to say, the ExoMount 2 which I have been using for over a year now is working equally great.

The new ExoMount Touch uses the same great suction cup technology and judging by the first 2 models, there are no complaints when it comes to the suction cup itself. In my opinion, the suction cup makes or breaks any phone mount. If the mount cannot mount properly over an extended period, it is not worth considering. Most mounts do work well initially but the ExoMount is the only mount that I can say that has never failed me.

ExoMount Touch

Besides having a suction cup that has not degraded over the years, the ExoMount suction cup can also mount to textured and curved surfaces due to the use of the special adhesive layer that help forms an excellent vacuum seal. Details about the mounting technology and its capabilities can be found on my earlier ExoMount reviews and I would not repeat them here.

There a few design improvements on the new ExoMount Touch that I will concentrate on instead. The biggest innovation is of course the new phone mounting mechanism which allows for one-handed mounting and removing the phone from the ExoMount. The ExoMount Touch has a spring activated clamping system that is triggered by the button located at the center of the clamp. When the phone is pressed against the button, it causes the clamps to close and hold on to the phone.

Mounting the phone on the ExoMount is now an extremely simple task. Removing the phone requires either one of the release levers found at the back of the clamps to be pushed in to release the clamp slightly. However, in order to reset the clamp so that the phone can be easily re-inserted requires the release lever to be pressed until the clamp clicks in place. Depending on the size of the phone, this may not be an easy task. However there is a way around this. You can just insert the phone in at an angle and use it to push one of the jaws apart to fit the phone. This is not as elegant as using the clamp trigger button but it works.

The other significant improvement to the ExoMount is that the ExoMount Touch now fits devices with screen sizes from 3.5 to 5.8 inches. This means that it fits large screen devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The actual clamp width is 84 mm or 3.3 inches. As long as your device (including case) is under 84 mm wide, it should fit. The previous ExoMount models only fit devices with up to 5 inch screens.

The ExoMount Touch retains all the great features of the original ExoMount design and adds in a better mounting mechanism plus support for larger devices. In my opinion, the ExoMount Touch is still the world’s best universal mount by a long shot.