flaxus stylusTwo weeks back, we posted about the Flaxus Stylus cum fashion bracelet project that was seeking funding via Kickstarter.

We just noticed today that the project has been cancelled by the organizers on Feb 22.

Jack Chau of Aeglo, the designer of the Flaxus Stylus, has commented on the site the reason for the cancellation is Kickstarter’s inflexibility in changing the delivery date and reward tiers.

Chau said the project received a lot of feedback and ideas on improving the product as well as the reward tiers themselves. However, Aeglo is unable to implement the ideas as that would mean pushing back the delivery date and changing the tiers.

Therefore after 20 days, the Flaxus Stylus project has been cancelled but Chau says that it will be back with a better Flaxus and a better deal. At the point of cancellation, the project had received pledges totaling $3,658 from 167 backers. The target funding was $20,000.


If you are a backer of the Flaxus Stylus or just someone who is interested in it, you might be interested to know that you can actually buy a very similar product right now from Amazon. It is the KTWO Patterned Slap Stylus Pen. It functions the like the Flaxus Stylus but the stylus tip is only on one end and it looks like it is only available in one design, a green camouflage pattern.

Via Kickstarter