The GameStick is an Android powered gaming device that is quite similar to the Android Mini PC on a stick devices. The main difference is that the GameStick is primarily a gaming device that connects to your TV. It comes with a game controller and has a customized interface that looks pretty much like Windows’ Metro interface.

The GameStick Kickstarter project has only 3 days to go and it has raised more then $500,000 which is more than 5 times its original target of $100,000. For reaching the $400,000 goal, a dock is being offered as an optional accessory. The dock is multi-functional and acts as a wireless charger for the controller (USB charging is supported as well), additional storage for content, connecting peripherals and using APS, power the GameStick itself.

Pledges for the GameStick that actually include at least the GameStick and a controller start at $79. Head on over if you want to get into the action before the Kickstarter project ends.