GameStick Android Game ConsoleI just got an update from PlayJam that the first production batch of GameSticks have shipped from the factory in Shenzhen, China and arrived in Hong Kong. This first batch of 5,268 GameSticks are meant for the Kickstarter backers. At Hong Kong, all the individual orders will be sorted out accordingly. This process will probably take some time and will start on October 2nd.

Once sorted out, the GameSticks packages will be split into 3 groups. The first group is for the backers from US and Canada. The second group is for those in Europe and lastly the Asian (including Australia) based backers. For the first 2 groups, a bulk shipment will be made from Hong Kong to a distribution center in Texas and London respectively where individual units will then be shipped to each backer in the respective regions. US backers can expect their GameSticks to arrive sometime around the weekend of 12th October.

The good news for the Asian backers like me is that the GameStick will be shipped directly from Hong Kong by DHL. This means that the Asian backers will probably get their GameSticks a little earlier than the other 2 regions. That also means that you Androydz readers will get to read my review of the GameStick a little sooner as well. I will do an unboxing review followed by a full review a little later. Come back soon.