Google GlassesIt will still be some time before the Google Glass is released to the public but Google is whetting our appetite by releasing a simulated video of what we can expect from Google Glass. I have to admit that I wasn’t all that excited when Google first announced Google Glass. While the idea itself was cool, I didn’t think I would personally have much use for it.

The new video has reinforces on how easy it is to create really cool looking POV videos but most importantly, the videos show support for voice control. Google Glass is activated by the phrase “OK Glass” and from there you can instruct it to perform tasks like do a Google search, send a text message, recording a video, taking a picture, get directions, give translations or even create a Google Hangout.

The video also hints at Google Hangouts that support multi-party video conferencing calls. So you can broadcast live whatever you are seeing to your Hangout buddies and at the same time you can see them.

The interface seems to have changed from the earlier Google Glass videos as well. The interactive display now only takes up the upper right corner of the user’s vision instead of taking up the entire field of vision like in the earlier videos. This probably makes more sense.

These are all things that you can currently do on your phone today. However if Google can somehow get voice recognition and seamless interaction with Google Glass close to the level of what is shown in the video, Google can take my wallet.

Google Glass offers nothing really new in terms of capabilities but when it comes to human-computer interaction, it is a whole new level. As a gamer, for years I have been playing FPS games with all kinds of HUD displays so it would be really cool to actually experience this part of science fiction as science fact within my life time.

So Google, please hurry up with the Google Glass. I want to create my own skydiving videos before I get too old to jump out from a plane.

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Google Glasses