HOT Watch smart watchThere is another new smart watch in town. This time it is the HOT Watch smart watch from PHTL, a company based out of Plano, Texas. The HOT Watch’s claim-to-fame feature is the ability to make private calls. The way it does this is quite interesting. It is a bio-mechanical solution that involves cupping your watch wearing hand around your ear and letting the sound bounce off your cupped hands and into your ear. I’ve no idea how well this works but I have done this with my phone to bounce the sound from the speaker located at the back of the phone to the front to get a clearer sound so it should be a workable solution. In addition, there is a microphone located on the watch strap near the bottom of the wrist. With your hand cupped around your ear, the microphone should right about where your mouth is.

Like the Kreyos Meteor, it also has a speaker phone function. This can be used with either Siri on an iPhone or Android Now on an Android phone for voice control.

In fact, the HOT Watch has a lot of other similarities with the Kreyos Meteor in terms of features. For example, the HOT Watch has a similar 6-axis accelerometer gyrometer which can be used for gesture based control and for activity tracking. It also has a built-in vibrator motor for silent notification.

The display is similar to the one used on the Pebble. It is a 1.26″ energy efficient E-paper display but unlike the Pebble or the Meteor, it comes with  multi-touch capacitive screen. The touch screen can be used to input text by tracing letters across the screen.

While the Kreyos Meteor has a sporty and bulky look, the HOT Watch aims for a svelte look. It actually comes in 4 different models –  Basic, Classic, Edge and Curve. All share the same dimensions of about 34 x 42 x 8 mm except for the Curve which has slightly different dimensions and 1 mm thicker as well. It is quite amazing that so much can be packed into such a small package. It is not very clear what the differences are between the different models although it seems like the Curve model is the top-of-the-range model.

The HOT Watch is currently seeking funding via its Kickstarter page. It just started on July 31st and already it has raised close to $140k in just one day.  It is certain to meet its target funding of $150k and it schedule to end on 7 Sep.

Contribution starts at $109 for early bird backers of the Basic model. $119 for the Edge or Classic (all gone!) and $149 for the Curve model.

Via Kickstarter