iMito QX1The iMito QX1 is iMito’s entry into the quad-core Android Mini PC category. iMito is of course the manufacturer of the popular iMito MX1 and MX2 that are based on the Rockchip RK3066 dual core processor. Like many of the other Android Mini PC producers, iMito has decided to produced a quad-core version of the Android Mini PC based on the updated quad-core Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9 chip.

Several vendors on AliExpress has started taking preorders for the iMito QX1 with an expected shipping date on May 10th. Prices defer slightly from vendor to vendor but generally, it is selling for under $90 including free worldwide shipping. This is a pretty good price for an RK3188 quad-core Android Mini PC. Many of the other brands are still selling at the $100 price point so a $90 device from a well-known brand like iMito is a rather attractive deal. Furthermore, the iMito QX1 does have a couple of extra unique features that makes it stand out among all the other RK3188 based devices.

The original iMito MX1 is arguably one of the best looking Android Mini PC devices with its aluminum housing and stylish multi-color design. The new QX1 lives up to iMito’s reputation of great looking devices with its zen-like design as well. Like the original MX1, it is also going to come in a few choices of color. I have no confirmation on this but based on the released images, it will at least come in black, silver, red and blue. However, for the initial batch, only the black version will be available and there is no information either on when the other colors will become available. It is also unknown whether the iMito QX1 will feature an aluminum body like the MX1. The colored portion of the QX1 does look metallic in the images though.

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Most of the hardware specification of the iMito QX1 is rather similar to other RK3188 based devices out there. Besides the RK3188 chip itself, the QX1 will come with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB NAND Flash ROM, support for micro SD card up to 32GB, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, 1 standard USB 2.0 host port and 1 micro USB port for charging.

As I have mentioned earlier, the iMito QX1 has a couple of unique features. The first is the presence of a port to connect to an external WiFi antenna. One of the biggest issues with the previous generation of the Android Mini PC was poor WiFi reception. This prompted the release of versions with either built-in external antenna like the iPazzPort NC19A or an external antenna like the MK812. There are a couple of quad-core Android Mini PC devices that come with a built-in external antenna like the CX-919 and MK809 IV but the QX1 will be the first quad-core Android Mini PC to offer support for an external WiFi antenna. The external antenna, especially an external one, has proven to be of great help in improving the WiFi connectivity. Please note that some of the vendors on AliExpress include the external antenna as part of the package but not all do.

The other unique feature of the QX1 is the reset button. Although not essential, the reset button does make it easier when you wish to do resets or firmware updates. This sure beats using a straightened paper clip to press the hidden reset button on other devices.

Via AliExpress