Apple Watch users, eat your heart out!

How many of you Android phone users out there are also fans of the Fallout 3? Fallout 3 is a highly popular RPG set in a post apocalyptic world. There are many things to like about Fallout 3 but one of the items that all fans of the game will recall is the Pip-Boy.

The Pip-Boy is a big honking huge smartwatch that players need to refer to all the time because it contains info such as your vital stats, abilities, maps plus all those important RPG-ish information.

Well, Android/Fallout fans will be ecstatic to find out that the game now supports using an Android phone as a 2nd screen to display all those information so it is always available without the need to call up the on screen version.

Now what is going to push you over the moon is that the special edition of Fallout 4 will come with an actual replica of the Pip-Boy that you can strap to your arm. You can insert your Android phone into the Pip-Boy replica and it becomes and real-life working Pip-Boy that beats the heck out of any smartwatch.

Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Source: Fallout 4 Special Edition will come with a real life Pip-Boy wearable that works with your Android phone