JynxBox Android HD miniMy review of the JynxBox Android HD mini is finally ready. I was excited over the JynxBox mini as it is powered by an Amlogic 8726 M3 chipset. A similar chipset is used on the Pivos XIOS Android set top box. The Pivos XIOS is the only Android set top box that is officially supported by the XBMC group.

XBMC is of course the very popular open source digital media management and player program. Over the years, XBMC has grown from its Xbox console roots to a multi platform application with many available add-ons that extends its features.

XBMC has been available on the Android platform for awhile now but due to the huge hardware variation among Android devices, most devices do not have support for hardware video decoding on XBMC. The Pivos XIOS is one of the few that does have this support.

Since the JynxBox mini shares some of the hardware of the Pivos XIOS and XBMC support is heavily marketed by Jynx Media, the makers of the JynxBox mini, my expectations were high for an Android mini PC with support for XBMC.

The XBMC support is there but it wasn’t really what I expected. The hardware video decoding is via an external MX Player video player. This solution is a workaround that has been known for quite sometime now.

While I was disappointed with XBMC on the JynxBox mini, the device does have other redeeming features such as the external WiFi antenna. Read my review for my full impression of the JynxBox Android HD mini.

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