Jynxbox Android HD MiniThe Jynxbox Android HD Mini is yet another Android TV stick device. However, unlike most of the other Android TV stick devices released lately, it is not a Rockchip RK3066 device. It runs on the Amlogic AM8726-M3 1.2GHZ Cortex A9 CPU instead.

Those of you who are waiting patiently for hardware video decoding support for XBMC are probably well aware that up till now, XBMC for Android only supports Amlogic devices for video hardware decoding. All other devices have to rely on software decoding which means almost unwatchable video when watching HD content.

The Jynxbox Android HD Mini not only has an Amlogic chipset, it also comes with XBMC pre-installed. The Jynxbox is also no slouch when it comes to other hardware features.

It has Bluetooth out of the box and like the MK812, it has a connector to connect an external WiFi antenna. It comes with a tiny extendable antenna but you can replace it with a bigger one if needed. Inside the box is an IR remote control and an IR receiver cable so that you can have the Jynxbox hidden behind the TV but still be able to use the IR remote. This is very thoughtful of Jynx Media.

Contents of the Jynxbox Android HD Mini Box

That is all I have for you right now. I am currently working on a full review of the device and I must admit that I am extremely excited about the true XBMC support on the Jynxbox. Meanwhile just take a sneak peak at the contents of the box.