Kimdecent CS898While Measy recently released U4K, an Allwinner A31 based quad-core to complement their RK3188 based U4B Android Mini PC, Kimdecent does the exact opposite. Kimdecent now has the Kimdecent CS898, a Rockchip RK3188 quad-core Android Mini PC added to their range of Android Mini PCs that also includes the Kimdecent CS868 which has an Allwinner A31 SoC.

It looks like brands like Measy and Kimdecent are covering all their bases by releasing 2 different versions of the quad-core Android mini PCs. Direct comparison between the RK3188 and A31 has the RK3188 ahead but the A31 does have its strengths in the graphics department. By offering two different versions, customers can now choose between raw power and better graphics capabilities.

There are so many RK3188 based Android mini PCs out there it is getting harder and harder to tell them apart. Unfortunately, the Kimdecent CS898 is no different.

Besides the quad-core SoC, it has 2GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM, 2 micro USB ports; out of which one is used for powering up the device, a full-sized USB port, a micro SD expansion slot, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and Android OS 4.2 pre-loaded.

There is almost absolutely nothing to distinguish the CS898 from most of the other RK3188 based Android mini PC devices out there except for how it looks. However, the Kimdecent CS868 had quite decent reviews and was one of the earliest RK3188 based models to be released.

Via AliExpress