Krayos Meteor SmartwatchAs far as crowd funding for smartwatches, the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch has achieved significant success on crowd funding site Indiegogo. To date it has raised close to $1 million, close to 10 times its original funding target of $100,000.

Comparisons to the Pebble smartwatch, another highly successful smartwatch project that saw its beginnings on another crowd funding site is inevitable. There are a lot of similarities between the Kreyos Meteor and the Pebble with the most notable being the black and white screen that has the exact 144 x 168 resolution and 1.26 inch size.

However, the Kreyos Meteor aims to be a smarter smartwatch by packing in a lot more hardware. Personally, the coolest feature is no doubt the built-in speaker phone. This means that you can answer calls on the watch itself. I know this exposes the geek in me but the Kreyos Meteor had me at this feature. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Pair this feature with Siri on the iPhone or Google Now and I am in Star Trek geek heaven. You can now have your SMSes read to you and reply by voice, receive and reply email messages and notifications, post to Facebook and Twitter, and set up alarms – all without touching your phone.

If the above is not enough, the Kreyos Meteor also has a built-in 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope plus Bluetooth 4.0, 2.1+EDR, and even ANT+. Combine these 2 together with a smartphone and you have a really kick-ass activity and sports tracker. On its own, the Kreyos Meteor can keep track of your number of steps, stairs, calories, and running speed. Paired with the GPS on your smartphone and a Bluetooth heart rate sensor, you can keep track of other activities such as cycling speed and heart rate. With the right apps, the Kreyos Meteor can easily rival the Nike Fuel Band or the Fitbit. The motion sensor capabilities can be customized to control functions on your phone such as answering calls, skip music or even volume control.

The Kreyos Meteor works with iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 8 devices.

There are many other possibilities on the usage of the Kreyos Meteor and some of these are teased in the promo video shown below.

KREYOS: The ONLY Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control from Kreyos on Vimeo.

The Indiegogo campaign is ending on 8th August which is barely 2 weeks away. Kreyos has promised that contributors will receive their watches before Christmas 2013. Due to the many delays that the Pebble smartwatch suffered, a lot of emphasis has been given to assure backers that they will be keeping to the November 30th deadline.

Via Indiegogo