measy u2cThe Measy U2C Android TV Box is a dual core Rockchip RK3066 Android Mini PC device from Measy, a company that is well known for producing mini wireless keyboards. The U2C is yet another RK3066 based device and it comes with a built in 2.0 MP camera and microphone so that gives it an advantage over its competition.

The rest of the U2C’s specifications is pretty standard for an RK3066 device. It comes with 1GB RAM, 8GB storage ROM, Android 4.1, microSD card expansion slot, 1 USB port, 2 micro USB ports (1 is used for power), WiFi 802.11 b/g/n but it does have built-in Bluetooth.

The one other thing that is not commonly found on an Android Mini PC is a power switch. However if you plug in the U2C to the back of your TV, you will probably end up unplugging the power instead of using the power switch.  The package does come with a HDMI extension cable but it is probably too short to be of much use. You will likely need a full length HDMI extension cable if you want to access the power switch easily and make use of the camera.

To resolve the above problem, GeekBuying has announced that Measy is releasing an optional docking station for holding the U2C in the proper position for the camera to work properly while adding a few additional ports (3 USB plus 1 micro USB) to the device. It also includes what appears to be an SD card slot.

Optional Measy U2C Dock

There is no mention of how much the docking station will cost but it seems like its only truly useful function is for positioning the camera (you can rotate the mounted camera on a horizontal axis). The Measy U2C itself sells for $75 on Geekbuying which is a good price compared to the cost of an RK3066 Android Mini PC and a USB webcam. Having to buy the dock might take away the U2C’s price advantage.

Do you think that the built-in camera and microphone makes the Measy U2C an attractive buy over other Android Mini PCs? Leave your comment below.

Update 26 Feb 2013

A full review of the Measy U2C is now available.

Via Liliputing