Minix Neo X6 Amlogic S805Minix has just announced their new low end model at the IFA Exhibition. This new model is known as the Minix Neo X6, features the  Amlogic S805 quad core chipset and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat. Form wise, the Neo X6 will be using the the same housing as the NEO Z64 which is slightly larger than their usual ‘mini’ devices.

For a low end model, the Neo X6 will come packed with quite impressive hardware and software. For starters, it comes with XBMC Minix Edition just like its bigger and more expensive siblings. It also offers 8GB eMMC instead of the usual NAND flash memory. According to Minix, they have permanently switched to eMMC from NAND for this and all future models. It also comes with a bigger single-band external WiFi antenna for better WiFi reception. Minix has been paying a lot of attention on fixing the WiFi reception problem that bugs most Android set top devices. This problem is not limited to Minix devices and it is a promising sign that Minix is listening to its customers.

The Minix Neo X6 features H.265 / HEVC Hardware Decoding which offers about double the compression ratio compared to H.264 at the same level of video quality. So expect either higher quality videos at the same file size or the same quality video at much smaller file sizes.