Minix Neo X7Minix has just released a new firmware for the Minix Neo X7 that has a 1080p kernel. Just to clarify, the stock firmware that comes with the Neo X7 has a 720p kernel. This means that while the output from the HDMI port on the device is 1080p, internally, the device renders everything at 720p and then upscale the image to 1080p. The Minix Neo X7 1080p kernel on the other hand will render everything internally at 1080p.

Some people prefer a 1080p kernel because it makes better use of the screen estate. For example if you are using a browser, you can see more of a webpage as most elements are rendered at a higher resolution. However, a 1080p kernel does put more stress on the processor and may cause lag or slowdown. The Minix Neo X7’s quad-core Rockchip RK3188 should be able to handle the extra load without any issues.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the updated kernel, you may now download the Minix Neo X7 1080p kernel firmware from the Minix download link.

Minix has also just released a 4th version of the official firmware update for the Neo X7.  According to the change log, it fixes the following problems and added a couple of features:

  1. Fixed Play Store app. search compatibility issue; (Location access fix)
  2. Enhanced Wi-Fi stabiity and throughput
  3. Added Location access settings
  4. Added Accessibility settings (Large text, Mouse Wheel Zoom Settings…etc.
  5. Fixed video stuttering problem.

Note that this firmware update has the original 720p kernel.

You may download the latest firmware from this link.