MK809 IVI’m not even sure if the MK809 III has even started shipping but there is now an MK809 IV being offered on sale at AliExpress. The specification seems identical as the MK809 III – quad-core 1.8 GHz Rockchip RK3188 (not sure if it actually runs at 1.8 GHz but probably not), Bluetooth, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM and Android 4.2 (there is some confusion over this as some parts of the web page mentions 4.2 while other parts puts it as 4.1).

It is also unclear if the product is available or if it is just a pre-order. The processing time is given as “ships out within 30 days” and delivery time is “15-34 days” but products status is given as “stock”.

Looks wise, it does look different from the MK809 III. The MK809 IV has an external WiFi antenna which  makes it look like the CX-919, another RK3188 based Android TV stick. However, from the close up pictures on the AliExpress page, the quality of the MK809 IV doesn’t seem to be very good. There seems to be a huge gap between the two halves of the housing and they don’t seem to fit together really well. Based on pictures alone, the CX-919 seems to be a higher quality product.


There are a couple of photos of the PC board as well. The PCB look very similar to the Tronsmart T428 PCB. The only notable difference is that the MK809 IV board has 2 micro USB ports while the T428 only has one.

Based on the similarity of the MK809 IV with the CX-919, I am not even sure if the MK809 IV is in any way related to the MK809 III. Since the MK809 III itself has not started shipping yet as far as I know, this looks more like someone is trying to cash in on the popularity of the MK809 III.

Via AliExpress