Mk812 Android Mini PC with antennaThe newly launched MK812 Android Mini PC that comes with built in webcam, microphone and external high gain WiFi antenna has attracted a lot of attention lately. It is not surprising that the MK812 has garnered so much interest. Its feature and design are possible solutions to 2 of the most common problems encountered by Android Mini PC users.

The first is poor documented support on webcam compatibility for use with Skype and other video conferencing apps. Users currently rely on trial and error by testing various webcams with different firmware to find a working solution. With the built in webcam and microphone, this is no longer an issue. Getting Skype to work is just a matter of downloading and running the Skype app.

The second and probably more prevalent problem is various WiFi related issues ranging from difficulty in logging into wireless network to poor WiFi reception to slow connection speeds. The MK812 provides a solution in the form of a high gain external WiFi antenna. WiFi problems should be a thing of the past with the antenna.

Check out my review of the MK812 and how it compares to other RK3066 based Android Mini PC that are currently on the market.

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