nGeesThe nGees Next Generation Entertainment System is an Android set top box that  has quite a sleek design. However nowadays Android Mini PCs and set top boxes are everywhere. It will take much more than just good aesthetics to stand out.

The nGees is an Indiegogo project currently seeking funding. The project owners hope to raise at least $395,000 to get the product out the door. There isn’t much support yet at the moment but it still has 55 days left till the deadline.

The specification lists an ARM9 dual-core processor with quad-core GPU so this is most likely a Rockwell RK3066 processor. It has 1GB RAM and for ROM, there is an option for either 8, 16 or 32 GB. It has WiFi 802 b/g/n as well as Bluetooth.

It also lists Skype and XBMC support. The project video shows XBMC running but there is no mention of support for hardware video decoding. The only manufacturer that I know of that is currently actively working on getting hardware video decoding support for the RK3066 is Minix. It is unlikely that the nGees folks are working on this as well as their product is not even out yet at the moment.

From what I can see, the nGees seems to be just another RK3066 device that is housed in a rather nice looking housing that has multi colored LED lighting. Only time will tell if it is something more than that.

Via indiegogo