You can get one for $200 (or $300, if you want more storage).

Source: Nvidia’s Apple TV-like Android TV box, the Shield, is out now

Everyone wants a space in your living room and that tiny living room of yours is getting a little more crowded as Nvidia has just laid their stake on it with their new Android TV box called the Shield.

The Shield is just a natural progression of their Shield gaming tablet. The Xbox and the Playstation both started out as purely gaming machines as well. They have now evolved into multimedia boxes that have all but taken over the entire living room entertainment system.

While many predicted the death of the gaming console with the arrival of Android based gaming boxes like the Ouya, the consoles are still thriving while the Ouya has been a disappointment. This raises the question whether the new wave of Android devices like the Shield will fare any better.

Only time will tell.