Olive ONE All-in-One Home Music PlayerOlive ONE is a digital music player from Olive, a company that produces audiophile devices. The Olive ONE is Olive’s attempt at introducing an audiophile quality device to the masses at an affordable price. The route Olive has chosen to make this possible is by using crowd sourcing.

The Olive ONE is an Indiegogo project and with currently over 40 days to go, the project has already raised over $350,000. It’s original target is only $200,000 so this project has already been funded. The reason that Olive is using Indiegogo is so that they can get fast feedback from the contributors on what features that they want on the Olive ONE and also to get the product out at an affordable price. Olive believes that if they had sold the Olive ONE through their normal distribution channels, the price would have tripled.

If you want in on the Olive ONE, you need to contribute at least $399 to get one. There are additional optional accessories like a 1 or 2 TB hard drive add on and there are plans for a stackable  speaker system that follows the Olive ONE’s aesthetics. Olive has even dangled a carrot in the form of a free drive or free drive upgrade if they meet their stretched goal of $500,000.

The device comes in a disc shaped form with a 7″ touch screen. It can connect and be controlled via either an iOS, Android or Windows smartphone using WiFi or Bluetooth. The ONE can play from a multitude of online sources (additional sources can be added on) like Pandora and Spotify or streamed from cloud services like Amazon Locker and iTunes Match. If you have the hard drive add on, you can play music from the HDD or use the ONE’s Home Cloud feature and stream the music from the HDD and play it from your smartphone, wherever you may be.

Via Indiegogo