Pebble in the box

Pebble in the box

I signed up for the Pebble Watch Kickstarter in April 2012 and the product was scheduled for delivery in September 2012. Due to unforeseen manufacturing problems, the final product didn’t make it into the hands of the initial backers until January 2013.  I got mine in April 2013 and I have been using mine for about a month.

Several pictures of the watch and the default test alerts.

Back of the Pebble Watch

Back of the Pebble Watch

watch face

This is the default watch face when the Pebble is first switched on

Watch face and app selection

Pressing the upper and lower buttons on the left edge of the watch will move the selection highlight in the menu screen. The middle button on the left edge of the watch will select the highlighted option. The sole button on the upper left edge is the “back” button


Simulated test SMS alert message

test call

Simulated test call alert

Syncing the Pebble watch to an Android device is a simple affair. Just head to the Google Play store, download the official Pebble app and select the “Connect to Pebble” option. If Bluetooth isn’t turned on, the app will request for permission to switch on Bluetooth on the phone. Once the app is connected to the watch, it will automatically check if the watch is already running the latest firmware version. If there’s a newer version available, you’ll be given the option to update the firmware.

The default Pebble app supports a number of notifications – incoming calls, SMS messages, Calendar reminders, mail, Google Talk, Google Voice, Facebook (messages and updates) and WhatsApp. For anything that isn’t in the default list of supported notifications, you can always search for a 3rd party app such as Pebble Notifier which allows you to pipe almost any alert from any app on your phone to the Pebble watch notification stack. If you desire even greater customization, Pushover will have you covered, allowing even network monitoring alerts to be forwarded to the Pebble watch.

There are already quite a number of Pebble watch apps on the Google Play store. Fancy controlling Tasker with your Pebble watch? PebbleTasker will allow you to do that. If the idea of using the Pebble watch as a GPS rangefinder on the golf course sounds appealing to you, FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS is the app for you.

The Pebble is my first Smart Watch and I have enjoyed using it for the past few weeks. I shall be updating my impressions over time.