PlayJam GameStick Android Game ConsolePlayJam has just posted an announcement that the initial shipment of the PlayJam GameStick to the KickStarter backers has now been delayed from April to end June. However, shipment of development units to GameStick developers has proceeded as planned.

The initial production run has increased from a thousand units to tens of thousands of units. The initial plan to use silicon molds for the production units have been scrapped and PlayJam will be using high volume production with metal molds. The new molds are expected to take 3 months to manufacture and are only expected to be ready on end of May.

With final assembly and testing, the completed units are expected to shipped out be sea in early June. Backers are then expected to finally get their hands on the PlayJam GameStick around the last week of June.

June is also the time frame for the public launch of the Ouya. Fans of the Ouya who have placed pre-orders with online retailers like Amazon are expected to get their units in June. It would be interesting to see how the GameStick compares to the Ouya. Both are Android based video gaming consoles that started out as highly successful Kickstarter campaigns.

2013 will also be the year that Sony is releasing their new Playstation 4. Although Microsoft has not made any announcement yet, we might also get to see the successor to the Xbox 360 this year as well. Although the PlayJam GameStick and Ouya are probably not in direct competition with the Playstation 4 and the new Xbox, many are wondering if the days of high end video game with multi million dollar budgets are numbered and to be replaced with simpler games by indie developers.

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