PQ Labs Touch FramePair a PQ Labs Touch Frame from Peau Productions with an Android mini PC or Android TV Stick and you got yourself a TV sized touchscreen tablet.

I know what some of you are already thinking. Lay the flat screen TV horizontally and you got yourself a Surface (the really cool huge Microsoft touch screen table, not the new lame Windows tablets) table!

The PQ Labs Touch Frames don’t come cheap however. They start from $89 for one that fits a 15″ screen and goes all the way up to $960 for a 65″ model. But compared to the Surface that sold for about $8,000, this is a steal! Custom sizes are also available for sizes up to 300″.

You can customize the touch frame by selecting the number of touch points; from 2 right up to 32 points – you can use all 10 fingers and 10 toes and still have plenty of touch points to spare. You can also add waterproofing to the touch screen. You should definitely add this option if you are building a budget Surface tablet – just in case you spill coffee on it.

The real use for the touch frame is actually for display kiosks but where is the fun in that? Even if you are not a Surface table fan, just mount it on the wall and you can do pseudo Minority Report gestures on it. If that still doesn’t excite you, how about a really wicked (and really tiring) game of Fruit Ninja?

Via Liliputing