skype mk802Many of the MK802 Android Mini PC retailers has Skype listed as one of the many features of the MK802. What they did not reveal is that getting Skype to work on the MK802 is pretty much a trial and error process.

Not all USB webcams will work nicely with Skype and there is also the matter of the proper firmware to use. Some webcams only work for video but no audio while others have the microphone working but not the camera.

The other factors that you have to content with are the USB hub that you connect the webcam to, the MK802 firmware and even the Skype version.

The guide on using Skype on the MK802 contains step by step instructions on which webcams are compatible and what you should do if you encounter a problem. It saves you time and money on trying out on your own.

All the information collected in the guide are extracted from various forums and also comments from MK802 users who have commented on the Squidoo article itself. For information that have been obtained from 3rd party sources, a link has been provided back to the original source.