SMART Cycling Helmet by LifeBEAMThe SMART cycling helmet is a new Indiegogo crowd sourcing project that has appeared recently.  Like its name suggests, the SMART cycling helmet is a intelligent and connected cycling helmet that measures your hear rate in real time without the use of a chest strap.

The technology used for the SMART cycling helmet by LifeBEAM, the designers of the helmet, is borrowed from the Aerospace industry.

The technology is normally used for developing helmets for fighter pilots and astronauts. LifeBEAM is also working with Lazer Sport, a top cycling helmet manufacturer, to incorporate the technology into Lazer’s Genesis cycling helmet.

Data collected by the helmet is gathered and analyzed before it is sent via Bluetooth or ANT+ to your smartphone, sport watch or cycling computer.

A fitness app on the phone or computer can then be used for additional functions such as speed, distance, calories burned, etc.

LifeBEAM has set a $50,000 funding goal and it has already more than $10,000 from about 80 backers. The first 200 pioneer backers will be able to pick up a SMART helmet for $149 while the remainder will have to pledge $189 for the privilege.

The funding ends on 30 April 2013.

Via Indiegogo

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