Smartfitty Smart WatchThe Smartfitty smart watch is a smart watch currently seeking funding via Indiegogo. It seems to be a cross between the popular Pebble smart watch and a wristband tracker like the Fitbit Flex.

Like the Pebble, it has a ePaper display that helps to conserve battery. ePaper displays consume almost no energy when the display is static. The Smartfitty communicates with either an iOS or Android OS smartphone via wireless Bluetooth.  It can then display notifications from the phone such as incoming calls, email, text messages, iMessage, calendar reminders, Facebook notifications, etc.

Like the Fitbit Flex, it has fitness tracking functions such as a pedometer, measure your running speed, keep track of the calories you have burned and a monitor your sleeping cycle. All the information collected can be presented in  charts and graphs via a computer or your phone. This in return can be used to track your progress and set goals for yourself.

The designers also plan to launch an app store where users can download more apps for their Smartfitty. The Smartfitty platform will be made an open platform and developers are free to develop any apps they want. The watch itself will come preinstalled with a few apps for changing watch faces, controlling music playback on the phone, check in on Facebook. The Smartfitty also comes with an emergency SOS app. With the tap of a button, your current GPS location and an alert can be sent to your family, friends or even an emergency response crew.

The Smartfitty will come in two different designs, one each for both men and women. The men’s version comes in a brushed stainless steel casing with black leather strap while the ladies’ version comes in a white ceramic casing with white leather straps.

In order to go from prototype to production, the project will need to raise $100,000. Early bird backers will be able to get one of the Smartfitty watches at $125 while late comers will have to cough up $140. In comparison, the Pebble Kickstarter project had the Pebble going for between $99 and $125. So the Smartfitty does cost more but it also offers additional fitness tracker function.

Currently, the Smartfitty still has about 50 days to go and it has raised about $1,000 so far. In comparison, the Pebble is one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever and raised over $10 million, a hundred times its original goal.

Via Indiegogo