Tronsmart MK908Quad core RK3188 based Android Mini PCs like the Tronsmart T428 and MK908 are being sold by online vendors at AliExpress and other China based online retailers for the past couple of months. However, if you have a lack of trust for such retailers and prefer buying from a more established online vendor like Amazon, you are out of luck…..until now that is.

Amazon has finally started selling Rockchip RK3188 quad core chip based Android mini PCs just recently starting with both the Tronsmart models, the T428 and MK908. Androydz has just posted articles on both devices that you can read about here and here. As you can read from both the postings, the T428 and MK908 are pretty much the same device in different casing.

The RAM and ROM size are both identical and so are the number and sizes of the USB ports and micro SD expansion port. The only notable differences are the OS version and the HDMI connector type. The T428 comes with Android 4.2 and a standard male HDMI connector while the MK908 comes with Android 4.1 and a female mini HDMI connector.

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Despite the similarity between the 2 devices and the fact that both devices carry the Tronsmart branding, there is significant price difference between the two. The T428 is selling for about $110 while the MK908 is about $10 cheaper at $100.

So, if you have been eying for a quad core based Android mini PC but you have reservations about buying from a less established vendor, now is your chance.

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