Starting Tuesday, all new Sonatas sold in the US with a navigation system will come with Google’s smartphone-mirroring technology on board as standard.…

Apple’s Car Play has not seen the kind of success that everyone has expected. Only a handful of car manufacturers have pledged support for it and only Ferrari has actually produced a production model car with Car Play preinstalled.

Now, the first car manufacturer to have Android Auto, Google’s version of Car Play for Android devices preinstalled is here and it is non-other than Hyundai and the world’s first production car with Android Auto will be the Sonata.

Google Now is expected to play a big role in Android Auto. Just like on your smartphone, Android Auto will display useful and informative cards that a driver will be interested in depending on time of day and car location.

Source: The Hyundai Sonata is the world’s first car with Android Auto – The Malaysian Insider