Tronsmart T428 ReviewBob over at FreakTab Forum seems to be churning out Finless ROMs at a faster rate than I can post it. I missed this when it was originally posted by if you don’t know it yet, you can now download and install the Tronsmart T428 Finless ROM 1.5 if you are a Tronsmart T428 owner. The Tronsmart T428 is a quad-core Android Mini PC that is powered by the popular Rockchip RK3188 chip.

It looks like the Tronsmart devices are getting a lot of support from Bob. He originally released the Finless ROM 1.5 for the Tronsmart MK908 and now he has followed up with the Tronsmart T428 Finless ROM 1.5. I presume the similarity in hardware between the T428 and the MK908 makes the job a little easier for Bob? Whatever it is, many Android Mini PC users are eternally grateful to Bob for selflessly coming up with custom Finless ROMs for so many devices.

If you an Android Mini PC owner but you are not familiar with the popular Finless ROM, you should head on over to the FreakTab Forums and check if there is a Finless ROM available for your device. Finless ROMs can give your Android Mini PC a new lease of life.

Download links and a list of features and improvements that the Tronsmart T428 Finless ROM 1.5 brings is listed at Freaktab Forums. Thanks Bob.