Uhost2 dual core Android Mini PCThe release of the Uhost2 has been highly anticipated for a long  time ever since Smallart teased everyone by releasing the specifications way back in September 2012. The Uhost2 was finally launched and made available for sale in December 2012.

What excited everyone about the Uhost2 was that the original Uhost was a great device that was beautifully designed with many unique features such as the built-in microphone and the optional air mouse remote. The firmware was stable with very few bugs and it was one of the first Android Mini PC devices that included a customized launcher screen.

When the specification for the Uhost2 was released, the announced dual core processor was still something new because the MK808 and UG802 were not released yet at the time. Unfortunately, now that the Uhost2 is finally here, it faces a lot of competition from other dual core Android Mini PCs that are already available like the MK808, UG802, Neo G4, iMito MX1 and MK802 III.

Models like the MK808 and UG802 has been around for a few months now and although their stock firmware was buggy and unstable, the support from the open source community has been strong and a lot of customized ROMs have been made available.

Although it is a little late out of the gate, the Uhost2 still has a lot to offer plus Smallart has paid a lot of attention to the design and quality of both the hardware and software. The original air mouse has also been updated with a new design, the Umouse2.

The review unit is an OEM version of the Uhost2 from W2COMP and it has been re-branded as the Probox2. Other than the name, both products are exactly the same.

Check out my review of the Uhost2 Android Mini PC and check out if the Uhost2 has what it takes to be a relevant player in the highly competitive Android Mini PC playing ground or is it a case of too little, too late?

Via Squidoo