Ultra-Ever Dry super hydrophobic coatingUltra-Ever Dry is an industrial coating that waterproofs any surface with a layer of nanotechnology coating. It is both superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) which means that it can repel both water and oils. It uses nanotechnology to create a barrier of air on top of the surface so that neither water or oils will stick to the surface.

The coating has many incredible uses besides just keeping things dry. It can act as an anti-corrosion layer for example. Without moisture, corrosion will not be possible. It can also act as an anti-contamination. Dust, dirt, bacteria and even radiation contaminated liquids is prevented from coming in contact with an Ultra-Ever Dry treated surface. It even has self-cleaning properties as well.

Some of you may have heard of Liquipel, a similar technology that coats and splash proofs your mobile electronics. That got me thinking if Ultra-Ever Dry can be used in a similar way on electronics. Liquipel uses a rather unique application system that involves a plasma enhanced vapor deposition process. I have no idea if a similar process can be used with Ultra-Ever Dry but the added benefit of an oleophobic layer on top of the superhydrophobic layer would be awesome.

Imagine never ever having fingerprint smudges on your display again on top of having a splash proof device.

ArsTechnica managed to get their hands on a few quarts of Ultra-Ever Dry and they are currently asking for readers to provide suggestions on what to test the stuff on. They won’t be willing to try it on their current phones but may be willing to test it on one of their old phones. Head on over if you have any suggestions of your own on what they should try it on.

Via ArsTechnica