wise tivi visionWISE TIVI has a trio of devices that is made up of the WISE TIVI Portable, WISE TIVI Vision and the WISE TIVI Box. All 3 devices are running on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) but featuring different form factors.

WISE TIVI Portable

The Portable model is very much like a USB drive sized Android Mini PC device. In fact, the Portable looks a whole lot like a re-branded version of the iMito MX1 with a similar dual core ARM Cortex A9 1.6 GHz CPU and quad core Mali 400 GPU although it doesn’t reveal if it is a Rockchip RK3066. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is though.

There is also mention of support for a customized Bluetooth 3.0 gamepad so I presume the Portable has support for Bluetooth as well although it is also not listed in its specifications. Up to 2 controllers are supported at the same time.

WISE TIVI is also offering an air mouse cum keyboard as an accessory. The air mouse is 2.4 GHz RF based and has a set of media buttons on one side and a full QWERTY keyboard on the other.

There is also mention of a WISE CAM, a camera add-on for the Box but there is no further information on the website.


The Vision model seems to have the exact hardware specification but in different form. The Vision looks like an Xbox Kinect camera and is meant to be mounted on top of the TV. It is not mentioned in the specification what kind of camera is included on the Vision but there is mention of a built-in camera to be used for Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo messenger.

There is again mention of support for a customized Bluetooth 3.0 gamepad so I presume the Vision has support for Bluetooth as well.


The Box version is in a set top box form and again the specifications listed is identical to the Portable and Vision versions. I would even say that except for the form factor, it is identical to the Portable version from what I can gleam from the description. As a set top box however, I would expect that the Box will offer more options when it comes to connection ports.

According to the website, all 3 models are currently available for pre-order. The prices listed are $79, $89 and $59 respectively for the Portable, Vision and Box models.