AGENT smart watchEver since the Pebble smart watch was successfully funded on Kickstarter, there have been many other smart watch projects seeking funding on crowd sourcing sites. None of them have been particularly successful but the Agent smart watch looks like it stands the best chance of emulating the Pebble’s success.

The Agent smart watch actually does bear some resemblance to the Pebble. The 1.28″ display looks a lot like the e-Paper display used on the Pebble but the Agent uses a new display technology from Sharp. The Sharp Memory Display has a outdoor-readable display and ultra low power consumption (~20uA) but has high refresh rates to allow for fast animations. The Sharp Memory Display combines the advantages of both the LCD and the e-Paper display.

The designers of the Agent smart watch also spent a lot of time on the power management aspects of the watch. They didn’t want to compromise battery life while allowing the watch to run powerful watch apps. They are aiming for at least 7 days of battery life with Bluetooth running and 30 days while in watchface-only mode. When there is only less than 10% of battery remaining, the Agent automatically switches to the watchface-only mode.

The Agent smart watch has a rechargeable battery that is charged using a Qi charging pad for wireless charging. It can work with any existing Qi charging pad. If you don’t have one, you can opt for the package that comes with a Qi charging pad. Using wireless charging means that the Agent smart watch is waterproof. The battery is also replaceable.

To make the Agent even smarter, it comes with a 3-axis motion sensor, a light sensor and a vibration motor. The motion sensor allows the watch to act as a pedometer, a sleep tracker or even a motion sensing game controller. The light sensor allows the watch to measure ambient light and light up the watch display when necessary. The vibration motor lets the watch give you silent alerts. With the watch sitting on your wrist, it ensures that you never miss out on an alert from your phone. If you accidentally leave your phone behind, it will also vibrate to alert you.

The Agent smart watch communicates with your smart watch using Bluetooth. It is compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, Android 2.3+ and Windows Phone 8.

The Kickstarter started in May and is scheduled to end on 20th June. The funding goal of $100,00 has already been met and already close to half a million dollars has been raised. The early bird pledges are already all gone but you can still pledge $149 for just the watch or $199 for both the watch and the Qi wireless charger.

Via Kickstarter