Tronsmart MK908The quad-core Rockchip RK3188 based MK908 Android Mini PC came with Android 4.1 installed and with a promise that an upgrade to Android 4.2 will be made available soon. MK908 owners will be happy that Tronsmart has kept their promise and released an Android 4.2 firmware update for Tronsmart MK908.

There are also a few fixes that have been included with the firmware update. The MK908 had problems with the Netflix app previously but this has now been fixed and Netflix runs without any problems. Some users also had issues with the audio with the previous firmware. This has also been fixed. The MK908 now has support for the RkRemoteControl app. The RkRemoteControl app is an app for Rockchip based devices that allows the user to use another Android smart phone or tablet device as a wireless remote control.

Some users have also reported that XBMC v13 for Android works better with no lag or endless buffering after installing the firmware update for Tronsmart MK908. The official Tronsmart MK908 Android 4.2 firmware release can be downloaded from the GeekBuying Blog.

An alternative to the official Android 4.2 firmware is the Finless ROM 1.5 update for the MK908. It was only early this month when Bob, the author of the Finless ROMs released Finless ROM 1.4. Now, barely 3 weeks later, Finless ROM 1.5 has been released for the MK908. The Tronsmart MK908 seems to be gaining a lot of support from the open source crowd.

Finless ROM 1.5 is based on Android 4.2.2. A lot of junk apps and Google apps that can be downloaded from Google Play have been removed to allow for more free space. The mouse pointer is slightly larger so that it is easier to see at higher resolutions. A true 1080p screen resolution has also been included together with the original 720p kernel.

Download link for the Finless ROM 1,5 firmware update for Tronsmart MK908 can be found at GeekBuying Blog.

Via GeekBuying Blog