Bambook Smart WatchA couple of days ago, we posted about the Geak Watch. Today, we bring you news about yet another smart watch from a Chinese company. The image below is purportedly of the new Bambook Smart Watch from electronics manufacturer, Shanda. While the image is obviously just a rendering, the design does look good in my opinion. It is slim and has a zen-like design that reminds me of an Apple product.

There will be multiple versions of the Bambook Smart Watch. On top of a version that runs on Android, there will be a version that runs on the new Firefox OS as well. It is unknown if both versions will share the same interface or will they be unique.

There will be 2 different types of display available. An e-ink display and a color LED display. There is no mention if the displays will be touch capable. No other hardware specification is available although the Bambook Smart Watch is expected to be launched some time in June. No pricing has been announced but all the different versions are expected to sell at above $100.

What I am really hoping is that these wearable smart devices will be easily hackable like the Android TV sticks. If the open source community support is as robust, things are going to get very interesting.

ambook Smart Watch

Via Sohu IT News