Tronsmart T428 Quad Core RK3188 Android Mini PCFor those of you who ordered a Tronsmart T428 Android mini PC from Geekbuying’s pre-order, the units are expected to be shipped out today on April 17. This was updated by Geekbuying on April 12. The shipment was originally delayed earlier on due to a bug that was discovered.

Strangely though, there is still no updated photo of the Tronsmart T428 besides the original naked board photo that was shown earlier. Hopefully, this does not mean that it will be further delayed.

The Tronsmart T428 was one of the first if not the first Rockchip quad core RK3188 Android mini PC devices to be launched. Since the pre-order started, two other RK3188 devices have already been released and started selling, the CX-919 and QC802. Any further delays to the T428 would definitely affect its sales.

The hardware specification of the T428 is very similar to the CX-919 and QC802. Besides the RK3188 chip, all three devices come with 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage. Bluetooth is also included on all three.

Via Geekbuying