Ubuntu on RK3188 DevicesRockchip RK3188 device owners who are also Linux fans can rejoice. You can now run Ubuntu on RK3188 devices like the Tronsmart T428, Rikomagic MK802 IV and QC802. However, you may need to tone down the enthusiasm a bit since this is still at a very early stage. A lot of hardware features are still not working such as WiFi, Bluetooth and hardware graphics acceleration.

Things do look bright though as it is probably a matter of time before a stable and fully functioning version of Ubuntu (and possibly other flavors of Linux as well) runs on an RK3188 device. Rikomagic started the ball rolling by releasing the Linux source code for the RK3188 based MK802 IV Android Mini PC. It wasn’t long before versions of Ubuntu on RK3188 devices such as the QC802 and T428 started appearing as well.

Most if not all of the RK3188 Android Mini PC devices have very similar hardware and features but with differences in the WiFi and Bluetooth chip used. With the proper drivers, I imagine it should be possible for Ubuntu to run on all RK3188 devices.

One of the biggest advantages of running Linux on Android Mini PC devices is that installation is on an external micro SD card. The original Android OS is left untouched on the system RAM. Therefore, for those who wish to try out or experiment with Ubuntu on RK3188 devices, all you need is an SD card. To return to Android, just pop out the SD card.

Links and instructions can be found at CNX-software.com.